Marvel Animation Green Lights Season 2 of ‘Wolverine and the X-Men’ Animated Series

Robert Greenberger

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56 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great!We can't wait!

  2. Joe Dokes says:

    So new episodes mean from episode 13 then or from episode 1. My lad loves this and id hate to have to wait 3 month for new uns

  3. Brian says:

    The new series is unpredictable some episodes are cool others suck. The ones that I normally don't like are focused too much on Wolverine therefore they lack the tension and team dynamics that the others possess. I'm hoping the series and second season improves and focuses on other characters as well. I'm getting to like the series since the X-Men team has re-established itself. I also hope Forge gets to fight and contribute to the team in addition to using his intellect and fixing their devices.

  4. Anonymous says:

    As long as Emma Frost returns that will make this season the best!! It was time for her to come into a series and she adds that spark and sass to the show. With her not being there it might be a drag. Now that Jean Grey is there it might get boring. I just hope that Logan gets Jean and Scott will be with Emma hahaha

  5. Anonymous says:

    Some said that Wolverine's arms sucks 'coz it's to big. What the heck are you talking about… He's a mutant for ***'s sake. And afterall he's an animal…

  6. robert says:

    omg the final episode for season 1 was awesome i cannot wait for season 2 i was so disappointed when emma was killed…. i did not kno that i liked her so much but im still stoked to see the other episodes…. did anyone notice at the end of episode 26 was that sinister and cyclops standing along side apocolypse i think it was cyclops cuz he had the eye visor……. apocolypse must have did that brain washing thing which i fins so amazing lol…… i really hope that they make rouge a bigger part in the show cuz to me she is one of the best…. shadow cat needs to be more involved aswell i hardly ever see her use her power during season one…. she should have been one of the best at destroying the sintenels since whenever she runs through a machine it is destroyed….. i cannot wait till the show comes back on

    • Ed says:

      The storyline for season 2 seems to be based on the "Age of Apocalypse " storyline. Its the best story ever, Its out on comics if your interested.

      • Gambit says:

        Usually I would agree to that! But have you not read the Onslaught saga?And if any ones been watching the same wolverine and the x-men show then you would know that the story line's are revised from the old x-men show from the 90's they just added some new stories for new characters like Emma for instants you seen her in the 90's show but they didn't give us the background check on how she new the x-men or how Genosha came to be sanctuary for the mutants.All thought they keep some parts from the 90's show in this one, Like MoJo, Shatter star and his sister when I was watching that episode I felt like I had a little closer sort' a speak.And futher more I think they should make another series for other x-men characters like Gambit and Rouge/Ploris love triangle shoot he might just get them both. But nah for reals thought I mean can you imagine what stories you can do lets say this one show airs for what about 20 mins or so and the same for the other. Basically if you had two shows that were the same but at the same time different you can have your guys story on wolverine then mix the plot into wolverine and the x-men then go on to watch Gambit and the x-men(or what ever character you think best ) and then you can watch a little about Gambit and continue the story from wolverine and the x-men. kind like how they did the 90's x-men with the Spider-man show. -Please Comment Back –

  7. joshua says:

    emma dead. great!! now i'm going to watch again!!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Its worth watching but it could be better. I like Wolverine and all, but there are other members of the team that I'll like to see in the spotlight more. Storm has been a leader of the X-Men as well. I would like to see her lead more. I also hope to see the Shi'ar, Vulcan, and the Starjammers in later episodes!^_^

  9. Anonymous says:

    I've not seen all the episodes but love what i have seen so far. I've started to collect the dvd's to catch up. It's a pit Emma is dead but if it's like the time Emma was shattered in the comics then she'll return. I'm glad Jean made her entrance she's my all time favourite telepath. I hope psylocke gets more involved (big telepath fan if you haven't guessed) as I agree with many of the other comments and that is that episodes are better when it focuses on the team as a whole.

  10. rebecca collings says:

    loved season 1 but when does season 2 come out? loved night crawler, gambit, jean, Scott and the scarlet witch. i hated magneto he is a real jerk killing all of those mutants. the best bit was the last episode the phoenix, Emma dead and the whole Scott trying to save jean thing. i think jean should have a sister that the really fast guy should love. the whole couple thing is cool.jean and Scott.night crawler and the scarlet witch.gambit and Polaris.

  11. rebecca collings says:

    this season rocked!!!!!! hope everyone is in this one except Emma how could you like her. she is a real villain. hate her!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I think Emma Frost will get revived. There was some part in the Comic when Emma was shattered into diamonds like in the show and Jean Grey mended her together using her telekinetic powers. I HOPE SHE SOMES BACK! SHE IS LIKE TOTALY MORE SMARTER THAN WOLVERINE!

  13. rebecca collings says:

    i think x men evolution is better but this is ok!

  14. Anonymous says:

    does anybody knows when the season2 will begin?i am waiting for it a long time!

  15. Ashmore says:

    Does anyone here know when Season 2 is coming out? Cant wait for Nate Grey to appear in Season 2! Btw season 1 was awesome too =)

  16. Anonymous says:

    I love X-men the animated series but like this new series too. I'm looking forward to watch season 2 but I can't find a site to watch it. Does anyone have any ideas?

  17. rebecca collings says:

    this link should do it:

  18. rebecca collings says:

    the last link is brill!

  19. Rayne2fan says:

    rebecca collings said:this season rocked!!!!!! hope everyone is in this one except Emma how could you like her. she is a real villain. hate her!!!!!!!Emma is like the best character, she is smart, beautiful and staff,in the other hand-why do we HAVE TO hate her, I think that more people like Emma, than hate.I`ll hope that Frost will return in 2`nd season, just because it will be too boring without her.I haven`t read the comic but I still think that the X-man will collect all Emma`s diamond pieces and putt her back together.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Looking foward to season 2. A little disapointed how they did the phoenix saga. Wish they would have followed the comics on that one. Hope they show more of Colossus, Psylocke, Gambit and Dazzler. Wonder if they will show Cable in this season. Should be good season. Love Apocalypse can't wait to see what he does.

  21. Anonymous says:

    when will it begin?i am angry as we are waiting such a long time for season 2

  22. Anonymous says:

    ugh there better be some rogue and gambit!!!! im tired of the movies not having it at least ive always had the comics and tv shows 2 back it up!!!! now they put gambit with green lady WRONG!!!

    • Janara says:

      Rogue really needs to be in this season more she's my favorite southern belle! =) and whats with Gambit and Polaris, wierd! theres only one good guy for Rogue and thats Gambit.

  23. Anonymous says:

    man can't wait till the 2nd season!! *eagerly awaits* the last episode was awesome!! the one thing I didn't get was when prof. xavier was in the future and I was all like ' where the heck are the humans?!?!?! oh well they are problobly dead…………well thats weird….. *shrugs*' but I loved it! =D poor emma she blu up!! XD hopefully they will reatach her! XD that was knew what they did to jean and wolverine!! XD that would have been interesting……..SEASON 2 COME ON!! HURRY UP!! XD CAN'T WAIT!

    • brandon says:

      they should have a 2nd season because if they ended it with apocolypse taking over the future alot of people would be angry

  24. Anonymous says:

    Angel is sexy! ;>

  25. Freeman says:

    where the heck is the second season tired of waiting

    • kandi says:

      Dose anybody know why it was cannceld it was the best X-men cartoon ever beside the orignal X-men. I'm mad at this.

  26. romy lover all the w says:

    omg they better have some romy time ( if u dont kno romy is rogue and remy, gambit). also i read on wiki that nightcrawler and scarlet witch's daughter T.J. might appear. CANT WAIT, HURRRY UR *SSES UP. OMG if they have TJ can they have rogue and gambit's kids (oliver and rebecca), and emma's kids. they have 2 have scott and jean's children of course ( even if it's 1 of them, but i hope its racheal. i like her better than nate). kitty and bobby needed their time, i saw some part in season 1 where bobby was trying 2 get a date. i think they should have gambit join the team some how and BOOM ROMY. ( if u havent noticed i'm 1 of the biggest romy fan alive, i'v seen almost all of the comics they r in togethr, i'm in over 50 fan wedsite 4 them, wht the h*ll is with gambit and the lornia chick, i'v made 100s of stories bout them, and everything. And i'm only 13) =3 i also wish that there's a little rolo (ororo and logan). i mean i've seen them hug and stuff in season 1, but like in the x-men the animated series the episode One Man's Worth pt 1-2, how logan and storm are MARRIED, EEEEEEEEE, i mean i like the little angel and storm thing but 2 me it has no spark, and dont said just because i'm 13 i dont kno wht i'm talkin bout, i've had straight As all my life so far ( dead serious). CANT WAIT FOR SEASON 2. HURRY UP OR I'M GONNA EXPLODE XD. EVERYBODY HAVE A NICE DAY. =) =3 XD

  27. Nancy says:

    More Nightcrawler, please. And thank you for that link rebecca collings. I finally got to see the entire season.

  28. IcedBlaze says:

    I've been waiting for a new X-Men comic show to develop for a long time now and I must say: I couldn't be more disappointed with what they've come out with.Wolverine and the X-Men is an unrealistic (even for Marvel studios), unoriginal, unmatched in poor quality, ugly development of the otherwise excellent X-Men cons. Characterization in the movie is horrific, I was blown away with the changes and sat staring at the screen in horror. Wolverine, the hot headed X-Man who never sticks around and plays things his way–running in first, questions later, was by some devious, unexplained miracle put in charge of the X-Men. Our otherwise hot-headed X-Man suddenly becomes a cool, collected manifestation of Scott Summers who always has a plan, who never dives into action, and is reprimanding our (real) leader Scott Summers for juvenile behavior. I've never liked Scott Summers because he's got that 'teacher' air about him and he's always playing the captain, in charge and in control of the situations. Now Scott's normal attitude is completely switched with Wolverine. Instead of a calm, cool leader, we're presented with a hot headed, rambunctious, disobeying juvenile delinquent who doesn't think anything out and goes with whatever He feels like. Yes, it is Most disturbing. Not only that, but the characterizations are ALL laughable, if it wasn't so sad. Kitty is pictured as the all-American little prep girl instead of a jumpy, shy thing, we're given a girl who has pigtails and a mind of her own. Rogue is a meek, Wolverine-dependent little addict who tries to take things into her own hands. Gambit, our favorite Cajun Xman, is a thief with No alliance and No cares for who he hurts in the process of getting nice money sacks. He literally cares for nobody. Our charming Swamp Rat has become an annoying slime who looks for any way to make a quick buck (but not by just thieving, No, now he agrees constantly to steal weapons that'll be used against his race) and then shrugs it off afterward when the desirable outcome doesn't play out. Iceman doesn't even get playtime in the series and Emma Frost, the calculating, sly dog we all know her to be–we're stunned into stupidity and silence by her unexplainable attraction to the moody Scott Summers. And apparently she has a Heart now people! Only it belongs to Scott, when she decides to kill herself to save Scott and Jean's relationship…hmmm. That's what I'm saying too.Not only were characterizations appalling, the storyline is crap. Full of unoriginal copies from the first Xmen series, this new development introduces Nothing new. It's all concepts we've visited and gotten bored with already. Pheonix, the unstoppable bird, is unleashed and needs to be destroyed, Charles is trapped in the future and warns the Xmen of things to come, The Hellfire Club wants to use Jean, Rogue is temp. on the Brotherhood's side, sentinels are taking over–ooh, but Master Sentinel is a girl–big frikin difference. I've yet to find an original scene in this yet and I watched the whole first season. You're better watching off the original series again people, this new one will make you want to puke.As if those first two weren't enough, I cannot even enjoy the graphics of this new development. They're awful. Simply put, it's the worst drawings I've ever seen. I have a freakin' tremor and I can draw fifty times better than this–I was so shocked and horrified when I first saw the graphics. Awful in a bundle. Wolverine's got these stupid looking sideburns that dominate his face, his costume is nearly Exactly the same as original one (though you might say this was the good part, as it hides his hideous features otherwise and I have an easier time on my eyes when he's wearing it), but the whole thing is just awful. If you really want to see what I mean, compare Wolverine and the Xmen to the other developments and you'll just want to stab yourself.Dialogue's awful too! There's absolutely no cute wit and no attempt at wit of any kind, really. Dialogue is dry and totally unoriginal, just like the series, and it made me fall asleep halfway through a twenty-minute episode. It's just all around bad people.After all this time waiting for a new X-Men to come out, I felt betrayed and stabbed in the back when this one finally came out. Like, are you serious with me right now marvel? I am so severely disappointed at this time, I can't even express. After this long wait for your newest creation, you deliver absolute crap. I'm appalled.It may have been great for little kids who are unaware of how the characterizations are supposed to be and how this series is a complete, despicable copy of the first animated X-Men, but for us veterans, this was a huge let down. It's great to hear that you're profiting from such failure though, huh? Guess I'll have to wait another 10 years for something equally as appalling to come out.And this post is probably going to be deleted, no doubt, 'cause there's no room for truth in these comments. Anything poor said? Ooh, delete that! Bad ratings! -You guys make me sick.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Aw man, January?? SO LONG :(

  30. Anonymous says:

    when is season 2 coming out?

  31. Anonymous says:

    i wish that the phoenix comesback

  32. Anonymous says:

    When is season 2 coming out?!?!?! I really hope frost comes back though…..she was awesome

  33. Anonymous says:

    Another commercialistic slap in the face to any true X-men fan. This, like the movies, shines the spotlight on Wolverine and forgets what has made the X-men great for over 30 years. Wolverine as the leader of the X-men? Right. Chris Claremont should slap whoever is writting this show. Wolverine really leading the X-men would only mean one thing… lots of dead X-men and failed missions. But the little kiddies would rather buy the "Guy with the Claws" dolls than the "Guy with the Funny Glasses" doll, so keep up the good work. Forget that Cyclops was born to lead this team, and that in the Marvel Universe there is no better field leader other than maybe Captain America himself, Wolverine is who Xavier would trust his "children" with. Right.Anyways. Good luck to your show. Sell lots of pointy clawed toys. I'll go read X-men Forever. (I hear Wolverine has the perfect role in that book….)

  34. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone else noticed how utterly shit they made the rest of the x men team in this production.Storm keeps getting hurt by the brotherhood, Cyclops was beat by sinister, Beast has yet to even knock a person out and water is able to knock out nightcrawlerIs this meant to make us believe that wolverine is the best man to lead, because they made everyone else weak little children. If that is the case it isnt working, and can someone please explain the limited use of mystique, shes been in what two episodes, but i suppose she did manage to knock out like the entire x men team. I wonder why? Oh yeah cause there all turned into weak little children

  35. zhamir says:

    STORM NEEDS A BIGGER PART IN THE SERIES PERIOD!!!!!!In the first series she was very active and tough. In this series she's taken down immediately after the slighest hit and remains out during the action. Please give her more time on the small screen because all the focus seems to be on emma frost and rogue. Don't get me wrong i think their interessting too, but would like to see storm more in the series.

  36. Kyle says:

    It's grea tto see an x-men series that isn't afraid to have them use there powers. I know i'll be watching season 2

  37. Dee says:

    I'm glad there's finally a new x-men series out, although nothing compares to the animated series of the 90's which i still watch today. Marvel should definitely bring back the old series. This latest x-men series is okay too, I just wish they would show Jean Grey more, she was my favorite character besides Wolverine. I always wanted there to be a lil' romance between those 2, maybe this time there will be. Can't wait for the next season whenever that is, if anyone knows tell me.

  38. adrian says:

    all the x men are cool

  39. remy says:

    I wanted to see more of the acolytes and i wanted to see pyro in at least one fight scene.And they always make iceman do the same thing in fights he just freezes people. Thats probably cause they censor cartoons so we can't see any ice spears or any thing. Also wolverine rarely gets to use his claws, we always see him kicking and punching people. Thats why they should add more sentinels cause wolverine could cut one of their heads off without any issues. It's a shame they censor cartoons, think how much better a superman cartoon would be if we could see him punch a hole thru lex luthors chest so that he would stop causing problems.

  40. sheraz says:

    so when are the new episodes coming out?

  41. SERJ213 says:

    I just wanted to say that this series is the best installment of an X-Men show that I have seen. I'm 29 and have been a huge fan of the X-Men for awhile. The artwork, themes, action sequences, and characters explode out of the small screen and really get you into the show. Please keep this series alive.

  42. Anonymous says:


  43. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone notice that they said the season 2 comes out in 2009 and it is 2010???