Review: ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force’ 6

Robert Greenberger

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10 Responses

  1. sorted_beef says:

    If your going to judge Aqua teen Hunger force, then you chose the wrong season to review. The humor in season 6 was so poor that the fans of the show have declared it to be the worst season ever. The show seems to be going down hill since season 4 or 5 and fans are eagerly awaiting the show to get back to its original humor, if it does at all. If you are to judge Aqua Teen hunger force then watch one of the first 3 seasons, they were the best and are the only way that you can truly judge it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    why hate on aqua teen hunger force…. its clearly the best show on adult swim and yes the last season might have been pretty lame but it still is a really good show and very funny if u really watch it. i have seasons 1-4 on dvd and everytime i watch it its still funny and i find stuff that i dident catch before. please dont judge this show based on one season

  3. Barry says:

    You chose the wrong season to review. Hell, jump into the sixth season of ANY series (The Simpsons being an exception) and you're not going to be impressed. Watch the first two volumes and then get back to us. You'll love 'em.

  4. Bob Mortor says:

    I have made this review generic, so now this reviewer can just plug in the title of any DVD he wants to review in the future and stay home from work."I used to watch __________ as a kid. I really identify with _________ when I was growing up. Now I only watch stuff like __________ and _________. I have never seen an episode of ___________ before. I have no familiarity with the characters or the structure of the ____________ series. I hated ______________. I don't get the humor in ____________. If this is what passes for entertainment these days I'm glad I only watch_____________. If you like ____________ you must be an idiot."

  5. Anonymous says:

    It seems like you just dismissed the show without ever giving it a real chance. You wrote the same thinig that just about everyone says about ATHF when they first see it.."I don't get it". Thats just it, there is nothing to get. Obviously the humor in an 11 minute show doesn't come from a well written story. In this case it comes from the characters and the sarcasm and having a real sense of humor.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Horrible review. You suck. Stick to the Simpsons, old man.

  7. MC Pee Pants says:

    Sorry, but some of these comments are just as bad as your review. The humor of ATHF doesn't lie in its story, and only slightly in its characters. It lies in the utter lack of sense the show makes — it's like watching somebody's train of thought while they're on acid, and you are too. The point of ATHF is to push the boundaries of humor. It's not going to give you a nice belly-warming classic chuckle. It is a new level of awkward humor. It is edgy, unique, and it will pave the way gor a new school of comedy. Too bad you'll be too shallow to appreciate it.

  8. James says:

    You all fail, but for different reasons. Yes, almost no story WAS the point of ATHF. But it used to be executed WELL, not horribly. The only episode from this season I've seen where I knew the title (probably seen more on TV) was Bible Fruit. If that is indicative of the rest of the season, WHAT WERE THE WRITERS THINKING?! I love seasons 1 2 and 3, and this is one of my favorite animated shows. But season 6 of ATHF is exactly like season 3 of Sealab 2021. If you were to review that without seeing 1 and 2 you would find it awful! And it still was! Just like ATHF season 6. By the way. I love the Simpsons more than any other animated show. Except seasons 12ish and beyond. Oh yeah, I'm 22 years old. Implying The Simpsons are for old people? You're dumb as hell, boy. Dumb!

  9. Neese says:

    Who cares about the price of eggs in china. You dont like it, dont watch it!!!! I dont care about your opinion mine is most important to me. That show makes as much sense as my drive by body piercing shop, and I LOVE IT!!!!

  10. Dan Walimaa says:

    Season 6 of ATHF is not very good, in my opinion. Sure, it has it's moments, but they are few and far between. I own all of the seasons so far, and have been a fan of the show since it began, but, season 6 is the worst of the bunch so far. I found a lot of it to be just plain boring, and or excessively vulgar, with very little of the strange, silly and absurd kind of humor that the first few seasons were chock-full and loaded with.