David Tennant Officially Announces Departure from ‘Doctor Who’

Robert Greenberger

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7 Responses

  1. Andrew Pepoy says:

    With David gone I won't be able to get my wife to watch with me anymore. She's never been a Who fan, but David gave her the one doctor she could watch and enjoy. Oh, well… back to watching it on my own, as I did most of my life.

  2. Neil Ottenstein says:

    He'll be missed. I wonder if he'll transform at the end of the last 2009 special or if he will be convinced to do one more show in 2010 where it will take place.The video of his announcement can be seen at You Tubehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRtQaPfVvT0

    • Allyn Gibson says:

      I wonder if they might leave Tennant's era open-ended. Rather than show the regeneration, let the eleventh Doctor's era begin like the ninth Doctor's era began — he's been in existence for an unspecified period of time, we don't know how he came to be, and it's a fresh start with a new status quo.That will also account for River Song nicely. :)

      • Neil Ottenstein says:

        I wonder whether one of the specials will feature River Song. Whether they have a regeneration or not, since they are doing these specials, there can always be an undetermined amount of time between them. I don't think they can resist not having a regeneration story, though.

        • Alan Kistler says:

          Technically, since the Doctor is traveling alone in these special (and has been traveling alone since the finale) there can be years of adventures between each one. The new books coming out are already taking this premise, showcasing a half dozen adventures he has between now and the christmas special already.

          • Rob says:

            Maybe, but when is all said and done, it is the ongoing series that is always considered canon. They had better have at least one episode with River Song, because when the two of them met, there was no comment of "Well, this is the first time I've met that face." She said he was younger than she had ever seen. But she still recognized him. I think at least one television appearance is in order. Then leave any other 10th Doctor/River Song encounters up to other mediums. :)

  3. Jeremiah Avery says:

    I started, recently, to watch "Doctor Who" on a regular basis. I must say, it is a very addicting show. I hope to catch as much of it as possible before he leaves.