The Hulk: Is He or Isn’t He?

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5 Responses

  1. mike weber says:

    Well, the Avengers originally got together because the Hulk was rampaging around and someone needed to stop hom, so the Hulk-as-villain-of-Avengers-flm isn't that much of a stretsh.

    • Josh Wigler says:

      I just wanna see Ultron so badly. Not that the Avengers tooling on Hulk wouldn't be cool, but not for the entire film… if Hulk is the number one bad guy of the movie, I'm gonna be bummed.

      • mike weber says:

        I dunno. Ultron – like Venom, but not so annoyingly – is what i call a "Swiss Army Villain" – he's really handy if the writer can't think of any other way to get the heroes in trouble this month, and his overall abilities are so poorly defined that you can do almost anything with him.I honestly can't recall any other villains who are primarily identified with the Avengers, but there has to be *someone* from back there in the early days who hasn't been done to death…Actually, i think i'd like to see a *really* badass version of Dr Doom opening a big old can of whupass in New York, and leading to their first real adventure…

        • Alan Kistler says:

          I want Baron Zemo. THe original villain. A Nazi war criminal leading a band of super-terrorists. That's just plain fun.Failing that, I'd say the Kree. It's about time we had a super-hero movie with the classic "let's stop an alien invasion" story. And I'm done with Skrulls right now, so the Kree are my pick. Plus, it would be fun to see a CGI Supreme Intelligence.

          • mike weber says:

            I was actually thinking of Zemo, but that "Nazi war criminal" bit sort of works against that i mean, he'd have to be ninety by now.Could live with the Kree, tho. Might let them bring in MarVell…