‘Haunted’ Film In Development

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5 Responses

  1. EatFlesh47 says:

    Having never heard of Koen Mortier before reading the news about Haunted being optioned for a movie, I can really only say that I'm definitely excited but a little nervous. The idea of preserving the continuity of the over all plot being intersected by series of vignets seems challenging, so I hope Mortier IS the right man for the job. Very interested to see how the final short "Obsolete" translates on film. By far one of the best short stories I've ever read.

    • Josh Wigler says:

      Very much agreed on Obsolete. That could be a very powerful ending if done right. I'm very curious to see how Guts gets trimmed down, because there's no way it'll make it into the film as is without getting an NC-17 rating.

  2. Brian Lopez says:

    i hope he does not trim down guts to much, but it will be hard to not get a NC-17 rating

  3. Sarah Childs says:

    I think they should just give up and opt for an NC-17 in the first place: you can't make this movie with an R rating without compromising the surreal, brutal qualities so present throughout the entire book. and yet it feels like it needs a biggish budget; imagine the casting possibilities if it had the blockbuster status that Fight Club did. I would like to see Palahniuk's work allowed to thrive on the big screen… Its too bad that in the end it may turn out to be a choice of one or the other as is often the case with such work.

  4. Samantha says:

    Hopefully Guts will have somewhat of the same effect on listeners during the film.