‘Knight Rider’ Continues Riding

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10 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    The writing, as per characters interacting, is good. The special effects are great. The situations are old retreads. I have seen surfers hiding a secret and the bar with street racers (might have well been old time bikers). The thing this lacks is the situation that is new or different or at least an old situation done differently.Such a good show with such great potential and good actors just needs to, as the Hoff would say on America's Got Talent, step it up to the next level next week.

  2. David Wagenfeld says:

    I actually enjoy the show , it's not Shakespeare but its an enjoyable escapist world, and the mystery surrounding MIkes past is intriguing enough to keep me coming back week after week. Admittedly they do seem to go out of their way to pump up the t and a factor but in comparison to the original I see it as a fitting sequel.

  3. Maria says:

    This is a dreadful show and NBC should do itself a favor and cancel it anyway! What were they thinking ? They are already doing badly in ratings and this won't help!

    • Anonymous says:

      @ Maria: It would be nice if you would at least give an intelligent review without sounding like an high schooler who can't use adjectives and use full sentences. Simply saying that it's a "dreadful show" and that "NBC should do itself a favor and cancel it" doesn't tell anyone anything except that you probably failed miserably in English class.Here's a really honest and insightful review: NBC's reincarnation of "Knight Rider" provides excellent character chemisty, offers exciting and engaging story lines and leaves the audience wanting more. These are the exact reasons that I believe people should give the show a real chance. At first, I really believed it was just another 80s prime time show trying to be resuscitated strictly for ratings. However, the modern day "Knight Rider" possesses truly original writing and only holds the namesakes in common.Trust me, if you enjoyed the original… you'll LOVE the new one. It's absolutely entertaining!

  4. Lou Hoffman says:

    I actually enjoy this show; it's definitely not high-minded entertainment, but still good stuff.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The show has a lot of potential which totally gets ruined. It has all the clichés going by, the writing is poor, the acting is only decent, the camerawork/directing is bad. Only thing i like is the car itself (not the transformations though) but not enough to keep me watching sadly. Truly hope they change the tone drastically or just cancel it and rethink the whole thing. The original series didn't contain grand and epical stories but atleast it had a more serious tone to it.

  6. Logan says:

    Great Show. At least some may think it isn't. the car and voice have changed. The character is the son of the original Knight. Give the Three Thousand a chance! c`mon… it's K.I.T.T. … sorta.. Val , You're doing wonderfully with Kitt, but over time give him some more personality. the cast is doing wonderfully with the Foundation. the original cast members who have passed away are smiling down upon you all. Keep up the good work and be safe! Keep the Scanners running!

  7. dcrockett says:

    I think the show is great, But i wished they would make kinda a little more similar to the original. this going out and doing the goverment work all the time is kinda boring. and only driving the car around during assignments come on in the original micheal drove the car around all the time and helped out individuals not just the goverment with there problems. Knight rider was a great show same with airwolf look what happened to airwolf when the we did the show again. it didn't last more than one season. i see this one moving on to a second if they change a little. yes do some of the same your doing now. but have him driving the car more and helping out different individuals. kitt was known for helping individuals out to not just the goverment on special opps.


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  9. Shawn Brown says:

    The show is great and I am glad KITT is back but yes they need to come up with ways to bring back people each week. Like hey Bring the old KITT back as like a 1 time thing so we know what happened taht a New KITT was built was KITTS red body destroyed since they never made the series after Knight Rider 2000 movie. And i say they should have. They had the whole thing typed out but never made. a shame the story line was great just like the NEW Knight Rider