‘Watchmen’ Loses Taste for Squid?

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7 Responses

  1. Bill Mulligan says:

    I always thought that it would have made much more sense for Ozymandias to have set up a situation where it appears that Dr Manhattan has gone insane and now threatens the human race. Him destroying New York would achieve the same effect that the giant squid did and provide a suitable outside force that the world would have to unite against. A lot easier too–Ozy building the giant squid thing, transporting it, destroying the city, sending psychic shock waves throughout the land to reinforce the idea of an alien invasion…it reminds me of how the guy in a Scoobie Doo mystery always seemed to spend about $100,000 on a holographic projector just to scare people off some land so he could build a parking lot. I mean, how much can you make from a parking lot?But Allan Moore is a genius while I, conversely, am not, so what do I know?

  2. Peter David says:

    Point of information: The original report has been adjusted to reflect the fact that Doc Manhattan has nothing to do with the construction of the device.As for the ending, well, the original was never anything other than an admitted rip-off of "The Architects of Fear." So it'll be interesting to see if what they've come up with is more original.Personally, I think they should have had the menace be a galactic cloud. Fans just love galactic clouds.PAD

  3. Mr.Wizard says:

    Ok I have a question more than a comment. http://splashpage.mtv.com/2008/10/07/matthew-good…The link above has an article which implies the squid is in the end of the film. Now there is this one article vs countless others saying the ending is totally different, well at least different. Personally I'm for the ending in the book. I won't get into why (unless I'm asked). But to get to my question: Why would Matthew Goode be stating the squid is in the end while Snyder continually talks around whether or not there is a squid and information leaked from the test screening would lead us to believe there is a replacement for the squid?

    • Dave says:

      Maybe this all is simply publicity to keep us talking about the film.

    • Russ Rogers says:

      Maybe they filmed two endings and are showing both to test audiences to see which reviews better. My guess is a Deluxe DVD release will have both endings, forcing big fans to shell out extra bucks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Two words:Test. Screenings.They probably shot a couple of ways to see what would be better (like say, in case audiences laughed at the squid ending…just because I love it due to having read the comic doesn't mean it applies to everybody). I mean, look at all the DVDs out there now with "alternate endings." People watched a TEST screening…lot more edits to make until showtime.Either way, we'll find out in March.