‘Blackest Night’ stealing ‘Final Crisis’ thunder? by Alan Kistler

Alan Kistler

Alan Kistler is a freelance writer who has contributed to MonitorDuty.com and PopCultureShock.com. He is a freelance video editor who occasionally acts in independent film projects. His blog is located at alantkistler.squarespace.com.

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5 Responses

  1. Kristopher Wooldridg says:

    Everyone in Final Crisis is actually a Skrull, on Earth-S, which was created when Superboy-Prime kicked reality.

  2. Russ Rogers says:

    DC raised Barry "The Flash" Allen from the dead. Hal "Green Lantern" Jordan is back. Arthur "Aquaman" Curry is back! OK, I didn't know Arthur Curry was gone. I didn't even know Aquaman WAS Arthur Curry. But I especially didn't know he was dead. Oh well. He's back now. Yeah! Now we will have another massive resurrection of DC Heroes on our hands in the forthcoming "The Blackest Night." Green Lanterns will stop being a Corpse and return to being a Corps. I just hope that all those Green Lanterns don't rise from their graves with an appetite for BRAINS! Still, this is the perfect opportunity for DC Comics to bring back Ch'p the Green Lantern Squirrel/Raccoon-thing from the dead. Personally, I wouldn't have even known about this DC Crisis if not for Mike Gold's illuminating article, "DC's Killing Fields," April 14, 2008. I wouldn't have realized that DC was busy bringing everybody back from the dead, except the beloved Green Lantern, Ch'p!Bring back Ch'p – The Green Lantern Corps Squirrel! That is the demand of a petition at gopetition.com: Recently, almost ALL of the dead Green Lantern Corps returned but Ch'p appears to have been forgotten.Thay can bring back Jason Todd, but they can't bring back a Squirrel?Petition: We, the undersigned, call on DC Comics & Geoff Johns to BRING BACK CH'P !!!!!See that? There are FIVE exclamation points in that petition statement! That's pretty loud. This is a groundswell led by Fans, Comics Giants and ComicMix Staff! Comics Legend Joe Staton's name is on the petition. Mike and Linda Gold have made their voices heard. ComicMix writer, Arthur Tebbel has demanded Ch'p's resurrection. In less than TWO years, the petition has gathered 88 names! Most of them aren't fake! That's at least 80 people shouting with the strength of five exclamation points. That's almost like the sound of 400 voices raised in anger and protest. How much longer can DC Comics and Geoff Johns and frankly the MAINSTREAM MEDIA ignore this outcry?I urge all of you who accidentally come across this comment to go read and sign the petition yourself. It's not too late. Ch'p will return if we make our voices heard. Oh, and I call on Robert Greenberger, Alan Kistler, Michael Davis and the other writers here at ComicMix to not just stand on the sidelines. That's right. I'm calling you OUT!!!!!! (See that? Six!) You need to cover this story. The scoop could be yours. The world needs to see this petition for what it is, a call for justice and the resolution of yet another disappointing DC Crisis. It's time to write about Ch'p's death (and the deaf ear DC has turned to the cries for his return) with the same fervor that other DC Crises have deserved. The media blitz that comes with "The Blackest Night" needs to be linked to this petition to bring back Ch'p. Ch'p's continuing death is one of the darkest hours and blackest stains in DC's long history of publishing. And Ch'p deserves the same hype that "The Blackest Night" is going to get.http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/bring-back-ch

  3. Ch'p says:

    Well, I *did* get those cameos in "Batman:Brave and the Bold", although they cut my lines. Oh, and the Duck Dodgers episode was fun, too. Hate the duck, though. In case you were wondering, D'll is actually my former best friend, who married my wife M'nn'e after the Crisis erased my past and made me an anomaly (much like Power Girl, but with less cleavage). For more information about me, see my bio on Wikipedia. It's longer than Joe Staton's. Thanks for the support,Ch'p of H'lven