Early Review: True Blood

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19 Responses

  1. mike weber says:

    Some comments by Ball that i encounteres online seem to imply that he really doesn't know or care much about vampires and/or vampire lore.I managed to get hold of a partial copy of the pilot episode some time ago.I couldn't manage to watch all of even that.Kate did; her summary tells me that it's pretty much nothing like the books.One important thing – while the series is set in the South, the books make it pretty obvious that the tension between humans and vampires is pretty well universal, not just limited to the Old Confederacy.Of course, the books establish that there are other supernaturals lurking in the shadows, waiting to see how the vampires' revelation works out – shapeshifters, werewolves (not exactly the same thing), fairies (literally) and a lot of others.I must say, i find it amusing that main roles i know a Canadian-born actress who grew up in New Zealand for are both rural Southerners…

  2. Anonymous says:

    True Blood feels a lot like Heroes right off the bat (just rented the first episode from Blockbuster), though it still feels mostly original overall the show makes me want to eat Cajun food and drink beer

  3. karen says:

    Whoever said True Blood doesn't follow the books, either didn't read the books or doesn't understand how script is pulled from a book. It follows the books beautifully and I believe C.Harris is onboard as a consultant. Of course it's going to start of slow…you have to stay with it as it builds just like a book. Now in the 4th episode and all the folks (men and women) I know, are hooked. Great job everyone!

    • mike weber says:

      I've read all of the books.The series is going ofr almost a soft-core porn vibe in some sequences that the books don't have.And i have a long-time family background in writing and TV/radio/film production. I don't write professionally myself, but my brother is an NYTime Best-Selling author, and we all grew up running tame at several different ad agencies where our mother was a copywriter/producer.I know what goes into script adaptations – it's nice if sometimes the original books do.

    • Anonymous says:

      First 10 pages of the second book who dies?

  4. Jason says:

    This show is great.. I honestly don't know how anyone could say different. I do NOT like most tv series at all. True Blood is amazing from the acting to the story line. Everyone should check out this series.

  5. Em says:

    In some respects, I agree that the pilot wasn't that great. Rather campy, really – but, as with Six Feet Under, I think that Ball's newest series simply started slow. I was hesitant to continue to give True Blood a chance, but am now quite glad that I have. I'm not a fanatic of vampires, but have always loved stories about them (esp those written by Christopher Moore and Poppy Z. Brite) – and I think that this series is turning into one helluva fun/interesting/romantic/mysterious ride.

  6. Andrew says:

    Do any of u read manga? Sookie seems to be just like a girl in the manga vampire knight, and her name is yukie just cought me as wierd

  7. Anonymous says:

    I don't understand how twilight and buffy can be your references … I think that both suck and I was happy to see at last a good serie about vampires and supernatural creatures … I can't wait till next year : the cliffhanger is awful !! :D

  8. Anonymous says:

    Holy shit you people are stupid. This is the most ridiculous piece of shit show I have ever seen in my entire life. You can't compare it to Twilight or even Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which is REALLY saying something. This is just a show someone decided to spit out quickly while the vampire idea was still trendy. I have never read the books but I seriously hope they are better than this show.

  9. frizz says:

    i just started watching true blood and i love it! i love the twisted feel of it but i also like that by watching it i feel compelled to start talking like them too, because you just start to feel like you're part of this world. i'll admit that when i picture a world with all that magic out in the open i never pictured it quite that sexual! oh and people who like this should read the Anita Blake books! oh and i liked Twilight!

  10. Keri says:

    Well i have read most of the books and seen some of the film…. i think that its great because it shows how vampires would really live amung humans, It also shows diffrent kinds of vampires in the film but more in the book, like it decribes them and what diffrences they have from other vampires. Some are gay. The vampire known as "Bubba" in the books prefers cat's blood than humans, and vampires that wants to kill themselfs like godfrey…. Oh and i think it is Better than Twilight by far!.

  11. Kreuz says:

    If you listen carefully to every character's line and speech, it is fair to say that there is not much going on there! Sex, sex and here's me serving a cheeseburger here and there to some humans having stupid thoughts! Great, am absolutely extatic about this serie!! I don't get the fact that there should be so much nudity, it very pointless and does look like a pseudo intellectual (as some says it is a whole metaphor for racism) show that turned up into a B-serie kind of porn. It feeds the fantasies of people who has a fascination for vampire-sex-violence-blood party or just people with very basic mind on the matter and therefore, a lot would say "It's great!!"It's a very easy scenario and not really much to it, basic human being with basic emotions would absolutely love it for the very same reason i've mentionned : blood, tits, ass, sex and probably this awesome burger, yum, it makes me hungry!! Anyway,i believe it is a way to expose some vicious fantansies of ours.

  12. Nicole says:

    True Blood is a complete rip off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, end of story. You can't argue it or deny it, as Maryann is completely replicated from Glory (Season 5 big bad in Buffy). Everything about that character is a rip off, not to mention numerous other things.

    • mike weber says:

      Uh huh.Try reading the original books.I haven't watched "True Blood" past the first episode, being a Southern male *and* a fan of the Harris books, but i sincerely doubt it's a "Buffy" rip-off.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I think that True Blood would be better without having to resort to all the pornography that is present in the show. I think that there is a place of sex video but regular television is NOT it. For the record I preferred the show that was produced in Canada some years ago. Forever Knight. It also had vampires and a vampire owned club but unlike this series it didn't need to OVER sex the show to make a good story. True Blood to me is nothing more than a porn wanna be and the plot is lacking in real creativity thanks to the oversexualization of the whole thing.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The show is a hell of a lot better than the books. I agree with the critic about the pilot in many ways and thankfully it did get better.

  15. mike weber says:

    It would have had to have gotten a *lot* better – liek an impossible amount – to be better than the books.Or as good as.I haven't seen any more of it – i probably wouldn't have, but even if i *wanted* to watch it, i don't have cable…