Etch-A-Sketch Comic Art

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  1. Joe Cheetham-Wilkins says:

    Hi guys,I'm really struggling here; please find it in your heart to help out a new kid on the block!My name is Joe Cheetham-Wilkinson, I'm a comic artist/cartoonist and I'm the owner and founder of I'm based in Stone, Staffordshire, UK. The only images on there at present are my own work.I aim to specialise in showcasing and selling art from unknown and unpublished artists.I was hoping you would swap links with me, I'm sure you're aware that exchanging links has some value for SEO. Everyone keeps saying no for this and that reason, but I just need a bit of help getting things moving. I don't seem to be competition to anyone, as I'm specialising in new artists' one-off pieces.It's very early days, I only registered with Google and Yahoo etc a couple of weeks ago, but I'm already on page one for "buy comic art", if you use inverted commas.Compared to your site mine is very simple and basic I know, but it's a nice idea to have an online gallery dedicated only to new and unpublished artists, and I aim to grow and grow over time.Incidentally, I would be extremely grateful if you know of any artists who might like to submit work, there would be no charge to have work in my gallery, just a small percentage of the sale price agreed with the artists to help my site grow.It's an ideal site for somebody looking to have something unique on his or her wall for a reasonable price.I have two places where your link could be displayed, either on my homepage if you display mine on yours, or within the 'links' page if that suits you better.I have a strong url, good metatags and related content etc, I have had professional help with the seo even though the site is a cheap template at present, so I do anticipate a decent amount of visits to make exchanging links worth our while in time.My link could read: only original, signed one-off comic art and cartoons from new and emerging artists.You can e-mail me at Let me know what you think. All the best, Joe Cheetham-Wilkinson,http:/