If You’re Not There, You Just Won’t Get It, Part 2, by Michael Davis

Michael Davis

Master Of The Universe, Lord Of All Media, Most Interesting Black Man In the World, Sexiest Man on Earth, Mentor, Writer, Artist, Producer & Uppity.

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18 Responses

  1. Russ Rogers says:

    Dang! Leave us with a cliffhanger, why don'cha!Again, Michael. Really good stuff. I know what it's like to be that guy you either get or you don't. I'm not big on taking names and kicking ass, but I understand your point of view. I'm just glad that you "get" me, because I've given you plenty of chances to think I'm an A-hole, when I'm really just half-assed. I can be the loudmouth who tries too hard to be funny. And I tend to over-think, over-intellectualize and use long, silly, obtuse words like "obtuse" and "over-intellectualize." But enough of my faults, when we were talking about yours. Seriously, I'm proud to be on the "People the MotU Likes" list, and not just because of the Ray Gun thing.

    • Michael Davis says:

      Russ,My mom taught me to listen to people before you assume you know what and more importantly 'why' they say what they say. That and the fact that I enjoy a good debate are what really makes up my mind set when it comes to certain things. You often comment with real passion and I never discount passion when it comes to anything. That said, don't forget the Death Ray. I'm about to make sure Tony doesn't. Hehehehehehehehehehee…evil laugh.

  2. Tony Isabella says:

    If the Milestone story is ever made into a movie, I think Eddie Murphy should play every single character. I'm running away now.

  3. Martha Thomases says:

    It was my great privilege to work with Mr. Priest when he was assistant editor to Larry Hama at Marvel. I'll testify to his energy, passion and intelligence.

    • Michael Davis says:

      I forgot that Priest was ever anyone's assistant. I really can't imagine him working under anyone. He's just so good at what he does it boggles the mind.

  4. mike weber says:

    MILESTONE WAS NEVER OWNED OR CREATED BY DC COMICS.Nothing to do with comics, but over the years i have been informed by any number of people that my favourite soft drink brand, Dr Pepper, is, in fact owned by Coke … or owned by Pepsi … or whatever, when, in fact, it was an independent company from the year before Coke began until a few years ago when it was bought by Cadbury-Schweppes.Once those sorts of ideas get out there, it is almost impossible to shut hem down.

    • Vinnie Bartilucci says:

      Oh, don't get me STARTED on Dr. Pepper. I've had Coke employees tell me they own it. The current arrangement is that if the local bottler is not making the far superior drink that IS owned by Coke, Mr. Pibb, it may make and bottle Dr. Pepper.Luckily, Mr. Pibb (specifically "Pibb Xtra") is available via my local Wendy's, as the fountain market is separate from the bottling market. And when we visited Virginia a few months back, we brought several cases of cans back with us, as well several of the local favorite, Cheerwine.

      • Michael Davis says:

        Vinnie,have you had Dr. Pepper hot with lemon? Yum!

      • mike weber says:

        Okay. Sorry to disagree so flatly, but Mr Pibb is an *inferior* imitation of Dr Pepper – when it was first introduced Coke was mostly bottled by local franchisees, and the Atlanta bottler had the Dr pepper franchise locally – the president of the bottler sampled Mr Pibb and refused to touch the stuff; so you couldn't get Mr Pibb in Coke's own HQ city for three years until his Dr Pepper franchise ran out and they could force him to switch.There's a reason that you find that a majority of fast-food places and places like pizza parlors and the like, which sell "serve-yourself" soft drinks from a fountain, serve Dr Pepper, even if all of the other drinks in the fountain are Coke products. (Popeye's Fried Chicken switched from Pibb to Dr Pepper a few years ago.) The only fast-food chain i know of in the Atlanta area that sells Pibb instead of Dr Pepper is Wendy's.Cheerwine is becoming more and more widely available, BTW – i find it in one or another of the local supermarkets here in Gainesville GA more and more often.

  5. s.bove says:

    By far the single most important writer of media on the web today.SB

    • Michael Davis says:

      SB,Do you know that you are on comicmix?? If by some strange chance you realize this, that was the nicest thing anyone I'm not paying has ever said about my work and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you made a mistake there's a check with your name on it if you keep it to yourself…

    • Mike Gold says:

      Who? Doctor Pepper?

  6. Alan Kistler says:

    Perhaps you didn't meet at Dwayne's house because he secretly lives in an underground lair.Just sayin'.