Stan Lee and Hioryuki Takei’s “ULTIMO” Manga

Rick Marshall

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5 Responses

  1. Ryax Rellion says:

    I read the Manga and it was awesome as i looked at it i was sucked more on the drawings then the story "Ultimo" is awesome he looks cool as for his Bother or friend "Vice" He looks More Awesome there the best also when is this Manga going to be releasing pictures, ANime, or the Manga i WANT TO BUY IT ALREADY. MR. Stan Lee GREAT JOB AND KEEP UP THE ASWEOME WORK

  2. tyman says:

    I loved Ultimo it was sooooo good i cant wait to read the rest. Mr. Stan Lee youve done it again!

  3. Jae says:

    How is it going? What web sites let' s you read ULTIMO.

  4. Casey Daniels says:

    i read the manga and if it continue's to make more i hope in 10 year or less they make a movie for it like most of Stan Lee's comics. I wish to see more of it in Shonen Jump or even it own manga book. If Stan Lee or Hioryuki Takei reads this i just want to say,"Hope u guys live long enough to make mangas for me, age 15, and my future kids."

  5. Andy (A.K.A. Wrin) says:

    If u read the premiere in shonen jump vol. 9 of 2008 w/Ultimo in it it really is good i kinda wish someone like Tite Kubo or Akira Toriyama maybe Masashi Kishimoto to do a joint project w/ an american comic artist but i don't see tht happening I mean i didn't really like Shaman King and the creator of it is working on Ultimo and the art style is better than Shaman King so I was surprised and u could really get into it if u like Astro Boy or somethin like tht but overall I am happy w it the art styles better and the stories pretty good. Thank You.