Platinum Buys Wowio

Van Jensen

Van Jensen is a former crime reporter turned comic book writer. In addition to ComicMix, he contributes to Publishers Weekly and Comic Book Resources. He lives in Atlanta, and his blog can be found at

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2 Responses

  1. Russ Rogers says:

    Hmm. Platinum has been buying up lots of intellectual properties. They have dug themselves a big hole into which they are throwing buckets of money. They have had trouble making payments to their artists and creditors on time. According to another article by Van Jensen, Platinum is already in the red to the tune of at least $10 million. So … what does a struggling company do? Why increase the size of their hole by 30%!No, wait! The $3.1 million is being paid in Platinum Studios stock. So they haven't made the hole bigger; they've just invited somebody else to join them down in the hole! Is that a good thing for Wowio or Platinum?Is the (long shot) idea to eventually make money licensing to movie studios? Because Platinum doesn't seem to be trying to make money by publishing comics. "Cowboys and Aliens" supposedly got licensed, yes? But, I'm still waiting on the "Concrete" movie.How does this compare to ComicMix's business plan and outlook? If ComicMix isn't publicly held, this might be "none of my damn business."

  2. Alan Coil says:

    Platinum appears to be doomed, and if so, WOWIO is going with them.All those IP tied up in court for years.(IP= Intellectual Properties)