‘Trick My Truck’ Customizes Iron Man Rig

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4 Responses

  1. Bob says:

    Awesome show, guys!

  2. Christy Peace says:

    Hey. First I would like to say I love your show. I am previous truck driver trying to get back in the business. MY boyfriend is a driver. A few years ago he parked his truck due to his mom getting sick and passing away along with his x wife running off with the kids. I am trying to find out how I can surprise him by getting his 2001 frieghtliner back running on the road. He is a had hard running driver. All I hear is I want my truck back on the road. David has no time to get it back running on the road due to when he is in that time is with the family and children. Please help me find the answer to make his dream come true. This truck doesn't need to sit and go further down hill. I just want to make him happy and see him happy on the road agian. Its not far for him to be a company driver when all he wants to do is run his own agian. It kills him to look at the truck sitting there when he loves running it. Please try to help me. Sincerely,Christy

  3. Ray Green says:

    IT's a top shop mate, I live in Australia and I have a 604 Kenworth 2007 modle and I love my 604 and my nick name is Tiger . But I would love a set of those Chrome mud guards for the drive. And how many dollars would they cost me mate. Just keep the trucks rollen in mate it's a top show and have a great day mate CHEERS Tiger.

  4. Harry Beasley Sr says:

    This show ROCKS and I wanted to convert my daily driver a 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 HD into a MINI PETERBUILT…….www.lilbigrig.com has a Kit with ALL the Extra options for about 40 grand but 40 grand to me is like 4 million….Dreams Do Come True for Some People..I wanted a Mini PeterBuilt painted White with tons of RAINBOW MetalFlake and US Marine Murrals ALL Over the Truck To Honor MY time in the Marines as well as ALL Marines who Served. I also wanted TWIN (working) CHROME 5 inch stacks..Twin TURBO and Tons Of DVDs and BIG SLEEPER with Back up Camaras and a 5th wheel….look EXACTLY Like a Full Blown PETERBUILT…I have leukimia and NO Wife and NO girlfriend and 100% Service-Connected from the Marines and I will ALWAYS Have MY Dream Of My daily driver being a PETERBILT
    Harry Beasley Sr