Robert Downey Jr. and the ‘Iron Man’ Review

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9 Responses

  1. Van Jensen says:

    I knew I should've stayed through the credits (my wife may have factored into the early exit). So, what'd I miss?

    • Sean D. Martin says:

      **SPOILER WARNING**Stark returns home. A voice from the shadows (paraphrased): " 'I am Iron Man.' Cripes. Did you really thin you were the only superhero in the world?" Samuel L Jackson steps into the light: "I'm Nick Fury, Director of SHIELD. I'm here to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative." End.

  2. Diana says:

    Can't wait to see! Thanks Matt!

  3. Chris Ullrich says:

    "Here, you get plenty of Downey Jr.’s pretty mug . . ." — Ron Perlman was right! Oh, and nice review too Matt Raub!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great movie!! RD jr. is the perfect Tony Stark.

  5. Roy Eliasson says:

    Roy Eliasson "Iron Man" is flat-out fun.Roy Eliasson One of the biggest surprises for many people is that this fun does not come from the action scenes (they're fine, by the way). What really amazes in "Iron Man" is a tour de force from Robert Downey Jr. (they could've named it Downey Junior- The Movie) and a solid script, that efficiently introduces us to the Iron Man history and proves to be a fascinating entry in a possible new franchise.

  6. Roy Eliasson says:

    Great movie saw it 2x great movie does any one now if it can be down loaded?

  7. Tarkas says:

    I agree — great movie! If it had a flaw, it was that it suffered from what I have come to call "STAS syndrome" — that is, the final fight had to spend 2/3 to 3/4 of the time showing the hero being trashed by the bad guy. Why the blazes do producers insist on telling a story about a supposed hero and not let him or her be a hero? I mean, if you want to have a film in which the bad guy in the big iron suit runs amok and is seemingly unstoppable, then why have the hero in armour at all? For all the good the red-and-gold suit was, Tony might as well have been in civvies, gone by another name and had the film become a monster movie rather than a superhero flick in which the hero wasn't allowed to be super. Note to producers: next time, make the fights more even! For every blow landed on the hero by the villain, an equally powerful blow should be delivered by the hero.But apart from that and the repeated "Tony-fall-out-of-sky-and-go-boom" bits (which strained my suspension of disbelief; how did he survive that crash in the desert in the original suit?), it was a great film which I hope proves to be successful enough for there to be sequels (with better fight scenes…). The casting was excellent: RDJr is Tony Stark, and GP makes a terrific Pepper (and confirms my long-held belief that Stark was an idiot not to pursue her). Go, Shellhead!

  8. Roy Eliasson says:

    Roy Eliasson Wrote If the good guy wins from the start what do we have to cheer about. The only thing i really did not like about the movie was at the end it started to look a lot like transformers Roy Eliasson