Sci-Fi Summit Report: James Marsters on ‘Spike’ Movie and ‘Buffy’ Reunion

Jami Philbrick

Jami Philbrick is a freelance comic book and movie news reporter living in the Los Angeles area. In addition to ComicMix, he writes for Wizard Magazine and CBR News and works in the post-production department at 20th Century Fox.

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4 Responses

  1. mike weber says:

    I'm remembering the TV Guide blurb (and accompanying photo)announcing that Angel was being planned for the upcoming season (part of its annual "What's Going to be Cancelled Quickly" … errrr … "Great New Shows for Next Season" feature), and i'm sure that i recall that it said that both Spike and Dru were going to be part of the Angel cast….

  2. Anonymous says:

    I liked the shows and I liked the character but this guy has lost it! If you were so into the character Spike at the end of Buffy and felt he should have died why did you take the job with the Angel show? I guess being close to 40 and having a steady income is a bit more important. Also, I do hope the idea for the Spike movie was a bad joke. Let Joss Wheldon do the character development and story writing if you want to stay in the Spike

  3. Anonymous says:

    i love spike! i wish the could of done more with BtVS

  4. Suzannah Perkins says:

    Wish you would do another Buffy season and all so a Spike Movie