On This Day: Lori Lemaris, Norm Breyfogle and Jeff Smith

Aaron Rosenberg

Aaron Rosenberg has written novels for Pocket's Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers, White Wolf's Exalted and Games Workshop's Warhammer lines. He has his own game company, Clockworks (www.clockworksgames.com).

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3 Responses

  1. Mike Gold says:

    And, even as I type, Norm is getting ready to draw up an all-new Munden's Bar story, as written by Occasional Superheroine's Val D'Orazio and our very own Martha Thomases.

  2. Steve Chaput says:

    Holy crap! I never remember seeing Lori looking like that back with I reading the Superman titles. Of course, way back when I was going through puberty I kept trying to look up Supergirls skirt by holding the comic at a angle. Never said I was the brightest kid on the block.

  3. Makes sense that a mermaid should be a Pisces.