Foo Fighters Sue Marvel For Copyright Infringement

Chris Ullrich

Chris Ullrich is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. In addition to ComicMix, he is a contributor to some of the most popular entertainment sites on the net, including The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW), Download Squad, Cinematical, Comic Book Resources and LAist, where he has served as Technology Editor.

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8 Responses

  1. Esbat says:

    I thought it was a great choice of song, but I thought the rule was no more than a 10 second sampling?

    • mike weber says:

      There is no actual rule. There are "rules of thumb". If the judge has particularly small or large thumbs, someone can get screwed.

  2. mike weber says:

    And then there's the Naked Cowboy suing over what he claims is the misuse (without permission) of his copyrighted image in an M&M commercial…

  3. Santana says:

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