Ledger Death Leaves Imaginarium Uncertain

Rick Marshall

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4 Responses

  1. mike weber says:

    If it's wrapped filming, what's left to do that couldn't be done by a voice double or something like that? (Remember, David Niven's last "Pink Panther" appearance actually featured a redubbed voice performasnce by Rich Little.)

  2. MARK WHEATLEY says:

    Apparently they are only done with the location work in London – they were still planning a lot of studio and blue screen filming. I'm afraid Gilliam's bad luck strikes again. Maybe they can make another movie about how this one went wrong. I really like Gilliam's movies – it is frustrating to see them constantly running into trouble. From the limited info on line, I'll guess that if they go forward they will need to write in a new character to hit the plot points that Heath will be unable to cover.

    • Rick Marshall says:

      Funny you bring up Gilliam's bad luck with films. It completely slipped my mind while I was writing that post up. Makes me want to pop in my copy of Lost in La Mancha.

      • MARK WHEATLEY says:

        Yeah. Maybe his next movie should be FRIDAY THE 13th: BROKEN MIRROR. That could just get it all out of his karma.