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Rick Marshall

Rick Marshall was Online Managing Editor for ComicMix before joining MTV's SplashPage. Previously, he was Online Content Manager for Wizard Entertainment. He has written for several daily newspapers, alternative weekly newspapers, trade magazines and online media, and was named "Writer of the Year" by the New York Press Association in 2005.

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8 Responses

  1. Marilee J. Layman says:

    No, this is the debacle of what the studio did to Jumper. They made so many changes, they had to ask Steve to write a book to go with it: Jumper: Griffin's Story. In the original books, there is only one Jumper, Davey. There's nothing called a paladin. There's no wars. It's only Davey who needs to keep safe. Essentially, the studio took the idea of a teen who could teleport and wrote their own story. I'm glad Steve is getting the money, but it's nothing like the book.

    • Rick Marshall says:

      Wow. It sounds as if this is going to stir upa lot of criticism. I was really intrigued by the film when I saw the trailer, but had no idea it was based on a book until weeks later. If nothing else, the film has made me interested in a book I might've never heard about otherwise. So that's a positive, right?

      • Marilee J. Layman says:

        Sure, and maybe you'll want to read both the original Jumper and the new Jumper: Griffin's Story and see which you liked. In my culture, the criticism was much earlier, when we first heard what they were doing with the movie. We should proably take David Brin's advice, when a movie was made of his The Postman: It's not mine anymore.

    • Sal Loria says:

      Marilee, would you happen to have more info on the original book? I think I might dig it up, you've made the book sound more interesting than the movie.

      • Marilee J. Layman says:

        Jumper is a classic coming-of-age story with teleportation as theme. Davey has an abusive father and the first time we see his father come into the bedroom, Davey finds himself somewhere else, instantaneously. He figures out what happened, practices, and finds his place in the world, including a girlfriend. The feds are trying to catch him. In the sequel, Reflex, he has become a covert op for the NSA but is snatched by some evil group and is imprisoned and brainwashed. His now-wife tries to find him and when her life is threatened, jumps. Now that she can jump, too, she has to be very crafty to find Davey and try to release him.I think the Amazon reviews are pretty accurate: Jumper and Reflex.Hmmm, Reflex is apparently out of print. You can see how much people like it by the fact that the used mmpb is going for $34.95 at the least on Amazon. Maybe your library has them.

      • Marilee J. Layman says:

        I wish I knew when the links were coming through:Jumper:…And if you like those, I like all of his, but I particularly like Wildside.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The author is Stephen Gould. There are 2 books. The first is called Jumper. The plot is completely different from that of the movie and the followup book is decent as well. The book Marilee mentions is closer to the movie world, but is told from the side of the teleporters who are made to seem much more sympathetic than the comic implies.

    • Marilee J. Layman says:

      Steven Gould. Nice of his folks not to use the spelling that would confuse him with Stephen Jay, huh?