Cloverfield Mysteries Continue With New Manga

Rick Marshall

Rick Marshall was Online Managing Editor for ComicMix before joining MTV's SplashPage. Previously, he was Online Content Manager for Wizard Entertainment. He has written for several daily newspapers, alternative weekly newspapers, trade magazines and online media, and was named "Writer of the Year" by the New York Press Association in 2005.

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10 Responses

  1. Richard Pachter says:

    Would it be a spoiler if I told you that none of the viral backstory stuff is required to enjoy the film?

  2. Rick Oliver says:

    While I'm sure there are already a thousand sites dedicated to explaining the origin of the Cloverfield monster, part of the appeal of the movie is that you experience the events exclusivley from the perspective of the hapless main characters — actually almost exclusively from the perspective of the guy with the camera (who is mostly never on camera but has all the best lines). You don't know anything they don't know. You're just as confused and clueless as they are, which heightens the tension. While they do spend some time musing about where the heck the damn thing came from, they're mostly preoccupied with not being its next victims.My 20 year old daughter and I loved it. My wife hated it.

  3. Rick Marshall says:

    My girlfriend just left for a week and now I'm stuck with an important decision: Go to see it without her and risk the inevitable fight or hold off on seeing it until she returns and risk the inevitable spoiler! Ack! The agony!

    • Mike Gold says:

      The choice is obvious, Rick. Wait until you can see it with her. Take the risk. The worst thing that can happen is you find out the monster is a sled. Not as bad as screwing up your relationship.And Dear Abby's got nothing on me.

    • Sal Loria says:

      "It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission."Take it from someone who's been married for 10 years, the above statement is true.

      • Rick Oliver says:

        Take it from someone who has been married for over 20 years, that tidy little aphorism works better at work than at home. My wife may be willing to forgive me for a variety of sins, but AFAIK she hasn't forgotten a single one of them yet.

        • Sal Loria says:

          Agreed: they never forget. But ultimately, at the end of the day, we're talking about seeing a horror (not sure if it can be described as a horror) movie in a theatre, not trying out for a role in porn. ;)

          • Rick Oliver says:

            It's a giant monster movie, which IMHO is a different genre than horror movies. And the solution to Rick's dilemma is obvious: Go see the movie now, but don't tell your girlfriend. IMHO, it's worth seeing twice — but if you don't like it you can just tell your girlfriend that you "heard" that the movie sucks.

    • Rick Marshall says:

      Hmmm…. both points duly noted. We'll see how the temptation builds this week.