Raiders of Lost Knowledge, by Mike Gold

Mike Gold

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6 Responses

  1. Bob Kahan says:

    Re: Breathtaker. When Hempel was doing The Kindly Ones in Sandman, DC held its collective disdain and collected Breathtaker. They've since let it go out of print.

  2. MARK WHEATLEY says:

    Mike – you had a better opportunity to get the inside track on how folks at DC felt about BREATHTAKER. But my own experience with quite a good number of DC people was that they liked the book, the liked the book a lot. The problem was that they had no confidence in the project. The lack of confidence was almost funny when we were consoled about not selling any copies or making any money – this in spite of the series of royalty checks that continued for years and the multiple printings of the collection.Bob – the reasons that BREATHTAKER is now out of print are complex and embarrassing to DC so I won't go into that here. Only to say that Marc and I own the full rights to BREATHTAKER and we are looking forward to a new edition.

  3. Bob Kahan says:

    Mark-Not at all surprised about DC & the print situation. It took them a while to figure out that being a comics publisher and a book publisher are actually two different things which require different approaches. Best of luck getting a new edition out. I always liked the book.

  4. Rick Taylor says:

    Guys – Another 'DC Misses The Boat' story, eh? :)

  5. Gary Chaloner says:

    Breathtaker was wonderful, original and very entertaining… I still have the four issue series on my bookshelf. It easily survives cull after cull after cull. A tough thing as I get older and more fussy.If a new edition eventually comes out, I'll even 'buy the trade'.