Strike jitters scotch Heroes: Origins?

Glenn Hauman

Glenn is VP of Production at ComicMix. He has written Star Trek and X-Men stories and worked for DC Comics, Simon & Schuster, Random House, arrogant/MGMS and Apple Comics. He's also what happens when a Young Turk of publishing gets old.

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3 Responses

  1. Rob says:

    "…the strike jitters is the reason why we haven't reported on the theoretical deal that Joss Whedon has to develop a new TV show on Fox with Eliza Dushku. Well, that and some other reasons we're looking into. There are a few shoes waiting to drop…"It's not being reported anywhere as theoretical… and Whedon has addressed the strike in at least one interview… so… um… other than being a big tease about "other shoes"… what's the news with the Whedon deal here? I'm not sure I get it.

    • Glenn Hauman says:

      what's the news with the Whedon deal here?I was reading the novel that I discussed here.

  2. Alan Coil says:

    As a Union member, this is something that I have seen numerous times. Something happens that is essentially benign and it is twisted into something that has to do with the contract talks. (Whether this is just your speculation or somebody else's isn't germane to my point.)Yes, I am cynical. Why do you ask? ;)