MICHAEL H. PRICE: The folklore-into-fiction cycle persists

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10 Responses

  1. Marilee J. Layman says:

    Amazon has never heard of Mortal Coils.

    • Michael H. Price says:

      That's strictly a microbrewery indie title. Hardly mass-market enough for the likes of Amazon-dot-com to notice. Distribution limited to those who get it.

  2. Glenn Bert says:

    Mike Price ,, you aint got no sense.. I flipped when i ran across this.. I grinned,, you aint got no sense,, ohh,, i already said that Hope ur doing well. Come see us some time and/or let me hear from you,, Glenn Bert (down in East Texas)

    • Michael H. Price says:

      Glenn Bert! Never can tell who'll be dropping in around here. Welcome.This piece is of course part of Buddy Hale's and my efforts to chronicle the origins of the Salt Lick Foundation beyond the record albums. Elsewhere at ComicMix, there's a lingering image of the "Hillbilly Love Slaves" album cover — http://www.comicmix.com/news/2007/05/18/ben-turpi

  3. Jordan Lee Thomas says:

    Hey Mike,I need a new copy of "Hillbilly love slaves of the Fourth Reich" it is definately my favorite live recording of Saltlick. I tragically lost my last copy to the heat wave in Austin. Also any chance that Precious Memories was ever recorded? I would sure love to hear it, seeing as it came out a month after I was born. Let me know where i could lay my hands on a new Love slaves though. Thanks