MARTHA THOMASES: If I Could Talk to the Animals

Martha Thomases

Martha Thomases brought more comics to the attention of more people than anyone else in the industry. Her work promoting The Death of Superman made an entire nation share in the tragedy of one of our most iconic American heroes. As a freelance journalist, she has been published in the Village Voice, High Times, Spy, the National Lampoon, Metropolitan Home, and more. For Marvel comics she created the series Dakota North. Martha worked as a researcher and assistant for the author Norman Mailer on several of his books, including the Pulitzer-Prize-winning Executioner's Song, On Women and Their Elegance, Ancient Evenings, and Harlot's Ghost.

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9 Responses

  1. Rick Taylor says:

    I've been praying and sending positive kitty energy Midnight's way. The connection I've shared with her (and you) is indeed a special one.Plus we both have a Super-Pets connection.The great thing about having pets is they always love you unconditionally. That's huge, especially when things suck. Our sheltie Dolly is a member of the family and makes our lives better.Big hugz, baby.

  2. Elayne Riggs says:

    I'm sending my good wishes as well for Midnight. I don't take my cats for granted at all, we almost lost Datsa (soon to be 15) a few years ago and as far as I'm concerned every day's a blessing.

  3. MARK WHEATLEY says:

    Good luck to Midnight and you, Martha. Pets are people – at least they are in the Wheatley household. Our current Cat is Demure (who the vet assistants insist on pronouncing as an uncertain "dumber") and we were stressed all day last week when she had to go in to have her dental cleaning. Demure is 13 and I'm pulling for her to make it to 18 and beyond. Right now she is in the back yard watching birds and chipmunks.

  4. Martha Thomases says:

    She's much better today, eating on her own (we had a day of force-feeding her, which is even less fun than it sounds).

  5. Arthur Tebbel says:

    I would say force-feeding her was marginally more fun than it sounds I guess only because I was imagining some sort of complicated clockwork-orange-esque apparatus would be necessary to make a cat eat.

  6. Liz Glass says:

    I hope your Meowser Midnight gets well soon! We adopted two cats when I was a toddler. Once was a boy, one was a girl so my preschool brother named them "Boycat" and "Girlcat." Boycat died a few years later, but Girlcat lived until my sophomore year in college. Oh, was I heartbroken when she passed…I loved that cat.

  7. Rick Taylor says:

    It's tough loving somebody (not thing) so much knowing you may well outlive it. But the love you get is so worth it.

  8. Marilee J. Layman says:

    Martha, I hope Midnight gets well; I'll be thinking about her.Some cats can be trained. My three are trained to emergency evacuation drills. I keep a large tote with a zipper and a whistle at every door and window (okay, only four total in the condo) and I'll blow the whistle and they'll come get in the tote. I'll tell them how wonderful and smart they are and give them snackies. I hope we never have to do this for real, but I'd rather be prepared. I have a Go bag for them and for me, too. I'll have to sweep my meds into my Go bag if I have to use it, because Medicare doesn't let me have an extra set.

  9. Howard Cruse says:

    We're up here in Massachusetts wishing the best for Midnight, Martha.