MIKE GOLD: What Makes America Great

Mike Gold

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10 Responses

  1. Martha Thomases says:

    There is a difference between the government preventing you from saying something, and your boss (or your self) from changing the words you use for marketing purposes. Both are cowardly, maybe evil, but one is censorship and the other is either taste or weaselship. As a New York mom, I was way more worried about my kid seeing homeless junkies on the street than listening to cussin'. Plus, by the way, we owe Norman Mailer for making up the word "fug," and, hence, The Fugs.

  2. Mike Gold says:

    Of course, the Fugs would have existed without Mr. Mailer — they would have been called something else. And, technically, censorship that is outside of the government is not "censorship," it's just called something else. The meaning's the same, but government censorship is eviller.

  3. Martha Thomases says:

    Calling the Fugs the Sugars would not have been any fun at all.

    • Mike Gold says:

      Perhaps you might recall the title of the magazine published by the Fugs' Ed Sanders, back in the 60s when he was running the Peace Eye Bookstore on Manhattan's Lower East Side. The magazine was called "Fuck You – A Magazine of the Arts."

  4. Mark Behar says:

    This reaction to swearing… perhaps we can trace much of it back to the overactive Freudian ego. Harsh language just makes people uncomfortable, and they work backwards from there in rationalizing its harm on young people or society proper.

  5. chris ullrich says:

    well said mike. i couldn't agree more.

  6. M. Sean McManus says:

    I agree with Mike 100%. I just want to add a personal note. In a completely wholesome way, the household I grew up in took the exact opposite approach from the comics code. A similar list was created of all the curse words, and their combinations, and we… I kid you not… we were instructed on the proper use and combinations "offensive" language. The idea being that my sisters and I were those kids from Earth-53. In order to protect ourselves and to survive out in the big mean world, we we needed to understand how to curse properly.

  7. Glenn Hauman says:

    Actually, I'm just trying to keep censorware away from the site, so that we can still be read all over the place. A hopeless task, I suspect, considering some of the firebrands we have writing for us…

  8. Stuart McDonald says:

    If language is so harmless why didn't use a racial epithet such as the one Michael Richards got in trouble for, or the vulgar description of vagina to make your point? As you said "fuck" and "shit" have lost their shock value. The words inferred above have not.