Spider-Man 3 boots are made for crawling

Mike Gold

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2 Responses

  1. Russ Rogers says:

    These pages have all kinds of Easter Eggs hidden inside. On page 157, there is a montage of people listening to the radio. I recognize the Police Chief in the first panel. Is that the Mayor with him? And that's Gottmögen in the third panel! It didn't look like Hilda in the second panel to me, but it could be. The woman has a similar haircut, but she's just not wearing an evening gown. And I've been trained by comics to think that characters wear the same clothes all the time. OK, so I'm guessing panel 4 on 157 is Agatha Solstice and her niece. Hmm, where are Wendel Harvey and Thayer?Is this just a clever way of reminding us who the actors in this drama are before they retake the stage? Or will some of their attitudes toward Lone Justice shift because of this?I read this episode too quickly on Monday. I missed a lot of the meat. I didn't even recognize Octavius on page 155! And I don't know how I missed Gottmögen the first time I read it. I must have been tired. Recognizing Gottmögem made me take a look at all the other characters on these pages. It's subtle touches like this that really set Lone Justice apart and make it more rewarding to read and reread.

    • MARK WHEATLEY says:

      Damn! I did not mean to make it so hard to pick up on that these were people from LONE JUSTICE's past. But I see I neglected to letter in the name plate on the Mayor's desk! Something to fix in the print edition!