MATT RAUB: Who Are Two?

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2 Responses

  1. Jonathan Miller says:

    Matt–The clues for the season finale started in "Smith & Jones." I'd imagine we'll be getting more when the Doctor and Martha end up in 21st century England again, but the clues are definitely in episode one if you pay attention.Interestingly, the "Back to the Future" reference was one of my least favorite bits, but I guess that's a matter of taste. (I did think it explained the Doctor's point, though.) I like the historicals too, so we obviously diverge.And yeah, incredibly formulaic, but the Shakespeare bits made it a fun 45 minutes. :-)

  2. Russ Rogers says:

    It would be even more ominous if "The Joker" by Steve Miller wasn't on Neil's iPod! That would mean some other person or conduit from earth had come through to the Helmut/Luftar Realm.In Black Ice #5, on page 28, the Captain says that the "Valicity" (and I think that is the name of the ship) floats due to expanding gas. But it seems the flying ships actually harness "Haddisons," giant flying brains, like the "Lanterns" (the smaller flying brain with the jellyfish tendrils). Unis keeps the Valicity afloat, yes? Do Haddisons "eat" expanding gas?The picture of Neil haloed by the baby Haddison seems to imply that the Haddison and Lanterns aren't just "Beasts of Burdon" in this world, but they might actually be the ones running the show. These giant flying brains communicate telepathically. Could they be the source of the Sage's knowledge of Prince Orum's treachery? If Unis had been psychically linked to Orum, she might've been able to tell if he died or not after falling from the ship. A giant telepathic brain might not be a great Oracle, but it could make a good Anicle, especially if somebody she was linked with is now in the enemy camp and knows all their plans. Just a thought.I have no concept of how much time has passed for Neil. Does time flow differently in this Realm? How quickly did the Luftar set up this refinery? This seems like a HUGE undertaking for a tribe that has been officially cut off from the rest of the kingdom. Why are there no women fighters or flyers? Why are Suki and the Neil's love interest, Sundance, the only women in this story?Am I asking too many questions? Should I stop trying to make sense of a story where sense and logic seem to be afterthoughts and just let the story wash over me?