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Elayne Riggs

Elayne Riggs is the creator of the popular blog Pen-Elayne on the Web. She was a founding member of Friends of Lulu, an organization dedicated to increasing the involvement of girls and women in comics, as readers and creators. She is married to inker Robin Riggs, with whom she shares two cats, and has odd love/hate relationship with Hillary Clinton.

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5 Responses

  1. Mark Behar says:

    I like what I see thus far…

  2. Russ Rogers says:

    Wow! Here's a compliment: I was a tiny bit disappointed to see that this was "Book Two." I had missed "Book One" entirely! Oh no! So I bought it. I just ordered "Hammer Of The Gods Volume 1: Mortal Enemy" through Amazon. There used to be 14 Used and New copies available and now there are only 13. People had better hurry. Oh, I can't wait for 2-3 business days to pass!I love the clean drawing style. Just these few images and bit of back-story promise for a great read. I'm hooked. Rock on!

    • MARK WHEATLEY says:

      Yeh – we really need and want a new edition of MORTAL ENEMY. I think I'm down to just 4 or 5 copies myself. I'm not sure if Mike Oeming has any at all. I mean – short of printing a new edition – how the hell could we get MORTAL ENEMY out there for readers? Seems like there should be an easy way and maybe I'm just not thinking of it.

  3. Tom Fitzpatrick says:

    Why didn't ComicMix start out with Book 1?What if nobody wants to locate Book 1, and they're annoyed that they're reading Book 2 to beginwith?

    • Russ Rogers says:

      I think that's why Book 2 started out with a brief synopsis of Book 1. Mark Wheatley implies (or I inferred) that he and Mike Oeming are thinking about putting Book 1 on ComicMix. ["…how the hell could we get MORTAL ENEMY out there for readers? Seems like there should be an easy way…"]If you make Book 2 good enough, people won't NEED Book 1 to know what is going on. They will just WANT Book 1, which can still be found at very reasonable prices at (but down to 12 copies, HURRY!)What's the point of selling anything if the expectation is that everything should all be free to begin with?My guess is that ComicMix PAYS more for NEW, UNPUBLISHED material, versus reprints. (I know I would.) If the Mike and Mark waited for Book 1 to get handed out in 10 page segments on ComicMix before publishing Book 2, they would have to put off publishing new material for 4 to 6 months! That might hurt their budget. Besides, NEW material is just intrinsically more exciting. It's NEW!