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Martha Thomases

Martha Thomases brought more comics to the attention of more people than anyone else in the industry. Her work promoting The Death of Superman made an entire nation share in the tragedy of one of our most iconic American heroes. As a freelance journalist, she has been published in the Village Voice, High Times, Spy, the National Lampoon, Metropolitan Home, and more. For Marvel comics she created the series Dakota North. Martha worked as a researcher and assistant for the author Norman Mailer on several of his books, including the Pulitzer-Prize-winning Executioner's Song, On Women and Their Elegance, Ancient Evenings, and Harlot's Ghost.

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1 Response

  1. Geoffrey Merrick says:

    DEATH PROOF was awesome?!? In what way? Not in any sort of GRINDHOUSE exploitation way, I'm suggesting. Sure: you want to surround 30 mns of an exploitation film with 60 minutes of a color-saturated off-Broadway play called "A Buncha Gals Sittin' 'Round Chattin," fine. Just don't call it an homage to a slasher film!!!