A cool Archie Comic — on the ComicMix Podcast

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8 Responses

  1. Jessie Lilley says:

    Hey guys! This is terrific! What took me so long to find it? Now I have to go read ALL of them…

  2. Craig Wood says:

    Too Funny :) I had the exact same epiphany at Philly Classic a couple years ago. I've never been terribly star struck — yes I would have drooled over the chance to meet Douglas Adams while he was around, but that is a different story.At the Philly Classic (Vintage Video Game Convention) Cindy Morgan of Tron and Caddyshack fame was selling cells from Tron and I went total fan boy on her — got my picture with her — the works.Keep up the great story telling guys — I don't think it is just me who sees themselves every week in the pages of EZ Street.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks, Craig. I chuckled a couple times re-reading the strip today just because it, obviously, hits home for me. In particular I was remembering when Todd Livingston and I had just finished writing THE BLACK FOREST as a screenplay and we were so happy with it and boom – within days they announced Stephen Sommers was making VAN HELSING – thus killing any chance we may have had to turn the script into a film. Six months work down the drain. On the plus side that paved the way for us to enter comics – thanks to Neil Vokes who wanted to adapt the story as a screenplay. But that wonderful turn of events was months away and in that terrible moment, boy did I have some dark fantasties! Ironically, years later I ended up working with the the Sommers Company on another project and are they ever great guys.

    • MARK WHEATLEY says:

      Yeah – I know I've spotted myself in EZ STREET a few times!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oops, forgot to sign my name to the above. This is Bob speaking. Those of you following my ongoing battle with user/name password will understand why I'm posting anonymously.

  4. Ron Zoso says:

    Mmmm Veronica Carlson…. ;o)Good stuff guys.

    • MARK WHEATLEY says:

      Of course you understand that we only included Veronica because it helped us make an important story point.Right.