ComicMix Week 4, 4 U

Elayne Riggs

Elayne Riggs is the creator of the popular blog Pen-Elayne on the Web. She was a founding member of Friends of Lulu, an organization dedicated to increasing the involvement of girls and women in comics, as readers and creators. She is married to inker Robin Riggs, with whom she shares two cats, and has odd love/hate relationship with Hillary Clinton.

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4 Responses

  1. Alan Coil says:

    Wow. Really like the way the rash is bouncing out of the trash can on page 6. Many artists would draw the blood splatters on that page, but not trash.On page 5, is the tail of the word balloon pointing to the right character?On page 4, word balloon 4, the 'r' in 'more' seems to have morphed into a 'p'.

    • Brian Alvey says:

      I uploaded the issue, read it immediately, and pointed those same things out. They were fixed in the afternoon. Thanks for the great feedback!

  2. Neil says:

    Alan, unless it has been changed since you pointed it, that 'r' in 'more' is an 'r' right now.Another exciting episode.

    • John Ostrander says:

      You saw the fixed version. he saw the unfixed one.Little side note — BlacJac's little episode with the punks at the start and his reaction is based upon something that did happen to a very cool guy i knew maybe 30-40 years ago and THAT was his reaction.